About Me

Hello, this is Louise Jones.  I started this blog to try to get my family to tell me stories about the people on my family tree.  I have done lots of research on my family but I am still missing things.  Please help by contributing whatever bits and pieces you have to add.  I will also say that while I do have detailed documentation of any fact mentioned in any of these essays, I chose not to write in a term paper, foot noted fashion.  If you would like me to send you the full fact sheet on any essay, just ask!

I also attempted in 2018 to follow the sage advice of those who write family history: pick a person and write their story.  So I accepted the #52Ancestors challenge and tried to write about someone each week.  Many of these essays are of folks much further back on the tree, but perhaps other researchers have discovered something interesting that they would be interested in sharing.

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